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  • BAZOOMQ Space Research Lab

    Bazoomq is a non-profit space research lab based in Yerevan, Armenia.


    Bazoomq Space Research Lab’s mission is to establish and continuously develop capabilities and skills for cutting-edge space research, education and startups in and for Armenia.

    The team has 90y+ of combined experience in education, science and technology. The lab also has an advisory board consisting of several leading international scientists in space exploration, robotics and astrophysics.



    Bazoomq was founded in 2020 by several members of AYAS Armenian Aerospace Society NGO - which was founded in 1988 as an extracurricular club for aerospace education for pupils (~300 alumni).

  • Team

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    Avetik Grigoryan

    Co-founder & CEO, BazoomqCo-founder & President, AYASAerospace Society

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    Vachik Khachatryan, PhD

    Co-founder & Researcher, Bazoomq

    Former ML Specialist, IntelinAir

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    Hayk Martirosyan

    Co-founder, board member & CTO, Bazoomq,

    Sr. Manager, Siemens

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    Hunan Kirakosyan

    Team lead, Synopsys

    Co-founder, Alcyone

  • Advisors

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    Prof. Garik Israelyan, PhD

    Astrophysicist, Institute of Astrophysics of Canary Islands

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    Prof. Naira Hovakimyan, PhD

    Grafton and Wilkins professor of MechSE, UIUC

    Co-founder & Chief Scientist, IntelinAir

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    Davit Baghdasaryan

    Co-founder, Krisp

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    Nerses Ohanyan

    Founder, HyeTech

    SVP, Vineti

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    Armen Derderian

    Former Head of RF Systems, Payload and Technology Laboratory, ESA

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    Vazgen Hakobjanyan

    Co-founder & Partner, SmartGateVC

    Board member, YerevaNN

  • Why Space

    Why Space research is important for Armenia

    Space economy is expanding globally. More countries are joining the “space club” as the entry barrier becomes smaller. More than 80 countries have satellites in orbit. The use of COTS components and increasing digitization is transforming space manufacturing activities, downstream applications and even space exploration. Space economy was $350B worldwide in 2016 and is estimated to reach $1.1 trillion by 2040 according to Morgan Stanley. Another study by Bank of America / Merrill Lynch estimated it to reach $2.7 trillion by 2040.
    As arguably the most interdisciplinary field of human endeavors, proper investment in the space ecosystem can be a locomotive force for space and other high tech sectors’ development in Armenia.

  • Research

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    Controlled high-altitude platforms

    The flagship research project of Bazoomq is Controlled high-altitude platforms. The project is partially funded by a grant from the State Committee of Science of the Ministry of ESCS of Armenia.


    Other part of the funding comes from the founders of the lab and other donors.

    As a small step towards our goal on June 27 we launched a payload with sensors to 30km altitude and successfully recovered it.

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    The CubeSat project has a goal to launch a CubeSat format satellite to space and conduct a scientific experiment. Project includes setting up a lab, hiring and training a team of scientists and students who will have skills and knowledge to implement this and following projects. The lab will become a competence center that will be able to conduct cutting edge space research, train people, who will continue with the lab, join other labs or companies or start their own companies. Long term self-sufficiency will be achieved by patenting IP and creating spin-off companies.

  • Become a Sponsor

    All donations are tax-deductible. We are proud to work with Globally, a 501-3(c) non-profit based in California.

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    One time Donation

    Our donors are named on a wall of gratitude in grateful recognition of those who enable Armenia's future among the stars.


    The one-time donation starts at $5000 and can go up to $50,000.

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    Sponsor a Named Fellowship

    Create a Postdoctoral or Engineering fellowship to bring the best talent to the lab.


    During the active period, you can give the fellowship the name you want. It can be named after you, a person you love or respect, or the organization you represent (e.g. "Kamalyan Postdoctoral Fellowship").

    The fellowship commitments start at 1 year and can go up to 10 years. The estimated price of the postdoctoral fellowship is $2000/month.